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Shipping Policy

We try to get your printed books to you as soon and as securely as possible. All personalized shipments have a security seal on them so that you can be sure no one has read your book. Please ensure that you provide a delivery address where the books can arrive safe and sound. 

Personalized Printed Books -- Including 'The Book of You', 'The Book of Two', and 'The LX System'.  The cost of postage and packaging is not included in the price on the product page.  It is added at check-out and depends on the weight and delivery address. The expected time from you completing your LX AI survey until delivery depends on your location:

Europe: 2-3 working days with tracked (not signed) delivery

US: 2-5 working days with tracked (not signed) delivery

ROW: 4-12 working days with tracked (not signed) delivery 

If you order multiple Books, and some require shipping to countries other than the one you supplied at check-out additional charges may apply.  We will contact you if this is the case.

You will receive a shipment confirmation as soon as your order is shipped with the link for tracking. 

Standard Printed Books -- Including the 'Life Priority Planner' & 'The Theory of Everyone'.  The cost of postage and packaging is not included in the price on the product page, and it depends on the weight and delivery address.  The expected time to delivery after order confirmation is:

Europe: 2-3 working days non-tracked delivery

US: 2-5 working days non-tracked delivery

ROW: 3-12 working days non-tracked delivery

If the address you provide is wrong and/or your order cannot be delivered, you will need to re-order the books and pay again P&P expenses. Please contact us at if you have any questions or issues. 

Money-Back Guarantee & Returns Policy

We are confident that the LX AI survey will be able to accurately describe your personality, however if you do not identify with the summary results shared with you during the survey you will be given a refund option. If you choose this you will get a full refund, and will not receive your personalized book.  Please note, if you feel the LX AI summary is like you and hence do not need a refund, we will produce and share your personalized book with you.  At that point, you will not then be able to claim a refund on your digital personalized book.

Hopefully, you like your printed book when it arrives, but if you do not like it, feel free to send it back with 30 days. Once we receive items in good condition, we will be able to make a partial refund to you.


The personalized printed LX books are all customized item and as such, we won't be able to refund you for the production, print, shipping or handling costs.  The standard books if returned as new, will be refunded minus the shipping and handling fee. 


All gift vouchers can be fully refunded within 12 months of purchase as long as they haven't be used. 

Please see our Terms of Use for more details and restrictions. 

Full Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy

This page is just a summary of the full LX terms and conditions.  For the full legal version please refer to the Terms Of Use available on this website.  We also recommend you review the Full Privacy Policy that is also available on this website.

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