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DISCLAIMER: Although the world's coolest ONE question personality survey is in the form of an personality test, it does not claim to have any scientific, philosophical, religious, political, economic, literary, artistic, or musical validity. Honestly do you think just one question could get your personality right? That would be amazing!

For full disclosure the artificial Personality Intelligence Network ['PI-Net'] that drives the ONE question personality survey was coded on a rainy Friday afternoon... for fun... by interns, and so any resemblance to your personality is either magic, luck or because the PI-Net code has evolved to reach the AI singularity and become consciously omnipotent ;-). If you feel the accuracy is consistently over 80% it must be the last of these options, in which case please call NASA, Elon Musk, David Blaine, Greta Thunberg or Justin Beiber (they know what to do).

Please remember the opinions that Pi-Net shares in the ONE question personality survey about your character, fictional personalities or real psychology twin (dead or alive) are entirely its own, for your entertainment, and should not be taken seriously (sort of). If you want a scientifically valid personality profile please take the full LX AI survey, or indeed any other scientifically validated personality survey online (note: those on Buzzfeed that help you 'discover which Disney princess' you are have probably not been scientifically validated either). Peace out.

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