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'People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws: age, gender, race, nationality and appearance.
LX uses unbiased science and mathematics to cut straight through that.'


Everyone is a blend of 36 character traits. Some you are stronger at, some you aren’t. What the LX System shows you is where your 36 character 'strengths' are relative to each other. Similarly, your ‘weakest’ character traits are not necessarily weaknesses. Things are only weaknesses if you find them preventing you from becoming your best self, otherwise they are irrelevant. 

10 LX System Color Wheel.png

The 36 character 'strength' clusters have been developed using similar linguistic factoring as other character trait taxonomies, like the established Five-Factor and HEXACO models.  With advances in computer science, especially with respect to the size, type, languages, and scope of lexicographical data sets available, added to advanced machine learning used to continually refine LX it is the most comprehensive personality profile available online today.

The LX System maps an individual's 'Character DNA’ sequence.  The full LX Profile seeks to measure and analyzes thousands of character traits, however the sheer number of them makes it too complex for anyone to conceptualize easily. It would also be totally impractical to use day-to-day. 


THE LX system


The Theory of Everyone

Digital is Free!  Printed £25 plus P+P

  • Learn the details of LX's unique and innovative system

  • Strengths approach based on linguistic big data analysis

  • Theory evolves and optimizes using adaptive A.I. survey

  • Builds on classic Western psychology science

  • Aligns with ancient Eastern well-being philosophy

  • Flexible models to use in real-world business situations

  • One easy-to-use six-color system

  • Learn more

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