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  • How do I understand why LX gave me the advice it did?
    All your profile and book's content is based on the insights gathered from the LX survey. To understand more about the science behind LX, please download the free ebook 'The Theory of Everyone'.
  • What if I do not agree with the profile or book's description of me?
    First of all, the best thing to do is to ask someone who knows you well and whom you trust. They might be able to confirm whether what you read in the profile or book is in fact like you or not. Only do that if you are ready for being truly self-aware! Remember the Speed Profile is only based on 10 questions and a simplified version of the full LX AI. If you do not find the Speed Profile a good fit we suggest you try answering it again in a different mood and from an alternate 'work' or 'personal' perspective.
  • Is the 'Your Work Life' book for people with jobs only?
    Nope. Anyone who wants to better work with others on a team or be a stronger leader will find the book beneficial. Professional sports stars, YouTubers and charity volunteers have all found it insightful. Anyone who is looking for a job, including students, or may be considering a career change, is likely to find the 'Your Work Life' book very valuable.
  • Who is the 'Life Priority Planner' for?
    Everyone. It is important to understand that it is not a journal or a task management efficiency tool. It has been designed using the core principles behind Google's OKR system, and aims to help anyone to achieve their life goals.
  • What do you suggest as next steps once I have read my book(s)?
    Each book clearly outlines the recommended next steps to take on your journey to become your best self.
  • Do I need to retake the full 'LX AI survey' to get all three 'LX System' books?
    Nope. If you have got 'The Book of You', you can upgrade to the 'LX System' without answering any more questions. If you have only answered the 'LX Speed Survey', you will need to separately answer the full 'LX AI Survey' to get an LX book.
  • What is the minimum age you would recommend for completing an LX survey?
    We do not recommend doing an LX survey for anyone under the age of 16.
  • How can I view somebody else's book or results profile?
    You need to ask the person to show their book to you! We take privacy very seriously and so do not share anyone's book or results profile. To learn more please read our Privacy Policy.
  • Can I use the 'Life Priority Planner' even if I have not completed my LX AI survey?
    Yes absolutely!
  • How does the 'LX Speed Profile' compare to the books?
    The free LX Speed Survey is a VERY VERY simplified version of the full LX System and LX AI Survey. Despite this people find the Speed Profile to be accurate and useful, and so we decided to give it to everyone in the world for free. We estimate that the full LX AI survey is well over 10x the accuracy of the LX Speed Survey. The three LX System books at over 400 pages in total are over 10x the breath and depth of content of the free Speed Survey profile.
  • Why are the results in my book different from those in the LX Speed Survey?
    The LX Speed Survey is a VERY VERY simplified version of LX's approach. The results in your book are much more accurate, and will have been validated in many more ways.
  • How does LX work?
    The LX System creates a unique personality profile for everyone - no more typing into 4,9,12, 16, 49 etc. profiles. Just like DNA, LX builds up one's personality based on 1000s of distinct words and then clusters them into 36 character traits (strengths). The various combinations and permutations of these character traits allows LX to create truly unique and fine-tuned profiles. The system also continually adapts and evolves, and so over time the conversation, profiling algorithm and book content will all improve.
  • Where do I find more information about the theory behind LX?
    The Theory of Everyone explains the system and its applications in detail. That said, the books have all the relevant highlights of the theory so you don't need to read The Theory of Everyone in order to understand and enjoy your own book.
  • How reliable and valid is the LX System and books?
    Ultimately only you can tell how much your own book fits, and so we believe that the LX 'Net Promoter Score' (NPS) is the best indication of our profiles and books success. Our NPS score is currently over 80%. When we try to measure it we find that most people who have completed the LX AI survey feel it is about 85-95% accurate. Results are slightly lower for the short and more simple LX Speed Survey, and consistently higher when people invest time to take the extended elements of the full LX AI survey. More generally the LX System uses an approach that is similar to the most established lexicographic models that psychologists use for personality profiling coupled with more engineering centric A-B testing techniques. This enables statistical testing, validation and improvement of the system. Now, every LX AI survey profile is validated against 17 independent personality assessments to ensure consistency and coherent results. For example if you answer the results randomly, or a nonsensical manner, or extremely abnormally (e.g. overtly 'fake bad' or 'fake good'), the AI highlights the issue and will decide it cannot write a coherent book for you. Finally, if you do not find the LX AI survey is managing to generate a reasonable picture of your personality by the end of survey we offer you full money back refund. There are not many other companies that do that, so what have you got to lose?
  • How does LX compare with other personality theories and assessments?
    Unlike other assessments, LX creates a unique personality profile instead of typing people into a hanful categories. Everyone is unique even if there are similarities between people. This approach is at the core of LX. Because LX builds up everyone's personality 'DNA' based on 1000s of distinct individual words, and then clusters them into 36 character traits (strengths), the algorithm is also capable of creating indicative results of all the most well-know personality assessments. These results are all captured in The Book of You.
  • Is LX affiliated with any other personality assessments?
    No. The LX System is proprietary and independent of any existing personality assessments or tools.
  • Is LX a certified coach or counselor?
    No human is involved in your conversation with LX. No human writes or edits your LX book. And currently no internationally recognized coaching or counseling organization certifies non-humans... yet!
  • Who is LX?
    LX created the LX System and the algorithm behind its personality profiling and conversation. LX does not seek publicity nor fame. The work has been the greatest intellectual challenge of their life, and being able to give it to the world to help others is the reward itself.
  • Is the LX AI survey the same for everyone?
    Not at all. The LX AI survey dynamically adapts to you and your answers.
  • Can I get any personality profile for free with LX?
    Yes, the LX Speed Survey produces a free Profile for you. The full LX AI survey is only available when you purchase a customized LX book.
  • How many questions are there in the LX AI survey?
    There are 25 core question screens in the LX AI survey. This core survey can be extended by a further optional set of questions if you feel you want to increase the accuracy, breath and depth of the survey.
  • How many questions does LX AI need to build an accurate view of my personality?
    Great question! The short answer is that it depends on what you mean... :-) It varies depending on how you define: + Your 'personality' -- some people are more complex than others + How you count a 'question' -- some questions give more data-points than others, and what about the things I can tell about you depending on how fast you answer some questions, or when you completing your survey, etc... + What you consider to be 'accurate' -- everyone has a different perspective of accurate Generally though LX AI needs 8-12 decent response signals to narrow down on the core aspects of most people's personality profile. In the 25 question survey, the following 10-15 question sets are then used to validate and deepen this initial hypothesized understanding. This forms the basis of the core LX AI 25 question sets. Of course LX AI also uses some input signals that do not come directly from the question sets, like for example how you respond to suggested personality profiles, but also including things like how fast you answer questions. Even if a person retakes the LX AI survey using a different name and email address, and of course gets a different set of questions and so gives a different set of answers, LX AI is very good at spotting the 'duplicate' individual. However LX AI does not reuse a person's prior answers or profile to produce the subsequent 'duplicate' profile. The latest profile is always used to produce LX books. Some people will still not identify with the proposed profile after 25 questions. While others will but be happy to answer more questions so that LX AI can broaden and deepen its understanding and hence give an even better personality profile. The next batch of optional question sets has been designed to accommodate these two user groups. After 38 questions LX AI in more than 99% of cases is accepted to produce 'accurate' profiles of an individual's core personality. For the less than 1% of people who do not feel it does the last set of 12 question groups has been designed to understand anyone's character in a very fine level of detail (i.e. over 1000 separate inidvidual character trait metrics, and simulation of 17 very established personality models for validity checking). Of course some of the 99% of people that feel LX AI is accurate after 25 or 38 questions still want to do these questions as well... which is perfectly awesome as well. Overall this modern, highly innovative and inteligently adaptive approach enables LX AI to produce the most comprehensive and accurate personality profiles available online today. Of course it should be noted that LX AI uses modern techniques in data processing and book production as well that combine with the survey to further enhance the results. The LX Speed Survey takes less questions, but is nowhere near as 'accurate'. It also uses slightly different approaches to narrow down and define a person's personality.
  • How do I get the personality profile description and summary page that was shared during the LX AI survey process?
    The LX books contain the same, and indeed more, content as that summary profile. Sometimes the precise content does not match as LX does further non-realtime analysis after your survey is complete to further refine its personality model and profiling.
  • I completed my LX AI survey a while ago, should I repeat it before I order my book?"
    If you completed your LX AI survey within the last 12 months you do not need to repeat it to get your book. If you completed your survey more than 12 months ago, you will need to repeat the survey.
  • Can I retake the LX AI survey if I don’t like the summary pages at the end?
    Yes absolutely. We find this is rarely the case as the LX AI survey is designed to learn from your responses and create the profile that you can identify with. It is also worth mentioning that the real-time profile summary at the end of the LX AI survey is less accurate than what you will see in your actual LX books. This is because the AI algorithm that writes your books is more complex and thorough than the real-time AI algorithm used during your survey.
  • Once I have started the survey on one device, can I switch devices to complete it?"
    No. Each LX AI survey session is unique to the device it was started on.
  • How can I 'go back' and change previous answers in my LX AI survey?
    The simple answer is, you can't go back. The survey is designed in a way to capture whatever comes to mind first, and then adapt accordingly. In life, you don't have the opportunity to go back and change something you said to someone. :-) You can restart your survey, and I have answered how to do that below.
  • I started my LX AI survey in 'incognito' mode but did not finish it, but closed the browser tab.  I now cannot see my answers when I reopen a new browser tab.  What's going on?"
    If you have started your LX AI survey in an 'incognito' window we cannot associate a 'cookie' with your answers and so if you close the browser tab before you complete the survey we have no way of automatically bringing you back to the point you left off. You can answer the full LX AI survey in 'incognito' mode, but make sure you complete it in one session.
  • I have not completed my LX AI survey, but I would like to restart it.  How do I do that?"
    The LX AI survey uses cookies to automatically save your progress. If you want to restart your survey before you have completed it, technically you should delete your LX AI web browser cookie. However that gets a bit technical... Perhaps a simpler alternative is that you just complete the LX AI survey on another device, like your phone or tablet if you started it originally from your computer. Alternatively you can start the LX AI survey from an 'incognito' browser window. However be careful doing this as if you close that 'incognito' window before you finish the survey there is no way we can automatically bring you back to the same place in the survey that you closed the it. So you can complete the survey in an 'incognito' browser winder, but you have to do it in one session. Of course once you have completed an LX AI survey you can always come back and complete a new one.
  • If I complete the LX AI survey more than once using the same email address, which results do you use to produce my book?"
    Your most recent LX AI survey responses are always used to produce your book.
  • I completed the 25 question LX AI survey and got my summary, but would now like to do the extra questions prior to purchasing my book. How can I do that?"
    Once you have completed the LX AI survey, it is not possible to re-open your session with the real-time AI. If LX AI did not recommend answering more questions, you do not really need to do that in order to get a great LX book. If LX AI recommended answering more questions, but you opted out, unfortunately you will have to complete a brand new survey. This is possible by contacting us, unless your book has already been produced.
  • What shall I do if I no longer have access to the email address I used to complete the LX AI survey?
    Unfortunately for privacy and security reasons we cannot share any personal information with somebody who cannot access the email that was used to complete the LX AI survey. If you want to purchase any customized LX books you will need to repeat your LX AI survey using an email address you do have access to.
  • What is the LX Speed Survey and how can I access it?
    The LX Speed Survey is a VERY VERY simplified version of the full LX AI Survey. Many people find it accurate and useful and so we have decided to give it to the world for free. It is available from the home page and also directly at As a guide we estimate the full LX AI survey is 10x more accurate than the LX Speed Survey. What's more the Speed Survey profile is ~40 pages long, compared to the full LX System of three books which is about ~400 pages long in total.
  • Is the LX Speed Survey like the LX AI survey?
    Yes and no. The LX Speed Survey uses the same underlying theory at the LX AI Survey. However the real-time results in the Speed Survey are not produced by the same AI or precisely in the same manner as the full LX AI Survey and are at least a factor of 10 less accurate and comprehensive. Over 80% of people who complete the LX Speed Survey still find that it describes them 'well' or 'very well'.
  • Can I get ‘The Book of You’ if I have only completed the LX Speed Survey?
    No. Currently we only offer 'The Book of You' if you complete the LX AI survey. The full LX AI can produce a full 'Book of You' using just your Speed Survey results, but we are not happy enough with the accuracy yet to offer this as a complete product.
  • I want to get 'The Book of You' for my team.  How do I do that?
    Simple. Purchase as many gift vouchers as you need. After the purchase confirmation, you will receive the Gift Vouchers Access codes that you can then distribute to your team. When they complete their LX AI survey they enter this code to get their Book.
  • How can LX help my business and / or team?
    Please visit our LX Services page to learn more.
  • Do you offer an LX 'team view' product?
    Yes. Please visit our LX Services pages for more information.
  • I have purchased The Book of You for my team members individually.  How do I get a summary of their book details?
    You should ask them! We take privacy seriously and therefore we cannot share details of people's books with anyone else. Please read our Privacy Policy if you wish to learn more. LX offers team building services which you may be interested in. Check then out on our LX Services pages.
  • Does LX offer an assessment product for companies to help with hiring and performance management?
    No. One of the founding principles of LX is that its technology and data should only be used for personal development and not corporate hiring and firing. This means that LX does not sell assessments to corporates for their HR departments direct usage of results. If a business truly cares about its people's development, they can of course gift their team LX profiles and books. Then they can engage individually on how they can help them become their best self. If you would like to learn more about how LX can help with increasing 'leader', 'team' or 'employee' performance and happiness, please see our LX Services page.
  • Does LX offer any consulting or advisory services?
    Yes. Please see our LX Services page.
  • Does LX offer any individual coaching or book debriefing sessions?
    Not for individuals. LX aims to soon provide a free online directory of coaches who would be able to help. LX does offer business teams and executive leaders services that include debriefing sessions as part of wider programs.
  • Does LX do media and speaking engagements?
    For all media enquiries, please email us at
  • Do you offer any coaching support for the Life Priority Planner?
    It is designed to be a straight-forward step-by-step process. If you need help thinking through what your life goals are, we would recommend you get the LX System and read through The Book of You and your Circle of Life first.
  • I am a certified life coach. Can I use LX with my clients?
    Absolutely if you wish. Just purchase a Gift Voucher and share it with them. When they get their book you can use that as a great catalyst for your conversations. LX also provides all the main personality test results so that will make it easier to work with your specific certification.
  • Can I become certified in the LX System?
    LX has been designed so you do not need to be certified in order to use the system, or indeed have any specialist psychology or personality typing knowledge. LX does work with qualified coaches to provide some services to businesses. Please look at the LX Services pages for more information.
  • What should I do if I have issues with my purchase, gift access code or delivery?"
    Please contact if you have any customer services questions.
  • How can I contact you?
    For any customer services questions please email
  • How can I get a reprint copy of my book?
    Just order one! All we need to do is verfiy it is really you, and then we can reprint your book for you. Unfortunately we cannot change any commentary or results in your reprinted book to the answers you want though!
  • Do you offer large order discounts?
    We give a 10% discount (exc P&P) on all orders over £1000. If you are a business that wants to order more than 100 books please contact us directly via for special pricing and distribution arrangements.
  • How can I buy an upgrade, or print a book, for someone as a gift?"
    Yes. Simply purchase the upgrade or print you want through the site. For security and privacy reasons we will have to email both you and the original LX AI survey respondent to confirm they consent.
  • Why are the gift vouchers more expensive than the individual products?
    Because they include some default packaging and postage costs. This is done so that the person who is getting the gift does not need to pay for anything extra.
  • Why do I have to pay for P&P separately for each personalized book when they are delivered to the same address?
    There are two reasons for this. Firstly most often the LX AI survey's are not completed at the same time, and as we produce and ship books as quickly as possible we do not want to wait for the last person in the batch to complete the survey. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, given the personalized nature of the books, for security and privacy reasons we have decided to package and address each book separately. This is especially important for people who are having their book delivered to their work or family address.
  • Can I purchase the LX books on Amazon, or elsewhere?"
    At the moment, you can only purchase the books online on our website.
  • Is there a time limit after completing my LX AI survey before I have to buy my book(s)?
    If you have not done your survey within the last 6-12 months we recommend that you retake the LX AI survey. This is not because your personality is likely to have changed that much (although your life situation might have), but more because LX continually evolves and improves and so your results and book will likely be even better with a more recent set of survey results.
  • Is there a time limit for making the upgrade to the LX System?
    Yes, the time limit is 12 months from the date you completed your LX AI survey.
  • I already have a printed 'The Book of You', so can I just get the two additional books printed when I purchase the full 'LX System' package?"
    Unfortunately not. Our secure print services are only set-up to produce and distribute the LX System in three book packages.
  • Can I buy either 'Your Circle of Life' or 'Your Work Life' books separately?
    No. These books are only sold as part of the LX System package.
  • Can I pre-order the 'Book of Two'?
    No you cannot pre-order it, but if you email us at we will notify you when it launches.
  • How do I unsubscribe from LX emails?
    Please click on 'unsubscribe' in the email you receive from LX.
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