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The Book of You

Available only with LX Services

  • Designed to help you develop 'Your Mission'

  • Everyone's book, like personality, is totally unique!!!

  • 200+ personalized pages about you

  • A strengths-based approach to personality

  • Covers your character, motivations, and aspirations

  • Suggests and helps you develop your 'Personal Mission'

  • All from the innovative 25-question LX AI Survey

  • Digital ebook and printed versions available

  • Money-back guarantee - if you cannot identify with your LX AI survey results you can choose to get a full refund



The LX System

Available only with LX Services

The most comprehensive personality profile online:

  • Everything in 'The Book of You'


  • Further 220+ pages sharing deeper observations

  • Your approach to stress, relationships, and inner balance

  • Your leadership, teamwork and communication styles

  • Further thought-starters for creating your best life

  • No additional questions; same LX AI Survey

  • Digital ebook and printed book versions available

  • Money-back guarantee - if you cannot identify with your LX AI survey results you can choose to get a full refund

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The LX Profile

Available for LX partner coaches

  • Understand your mindset, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Discover about how you communicate and connect.

  • Be guided towards activities and work you enjoy.

  • Start to learn about your managerial and leader style.

  • Get high-level Myers Briggs, DISC and Big 5 results

  • Designed for coaches to use with their clients and executives to use with their teams.

  • Along with LX metrics, includes your simulated Big 5, MBTI, DISC, Enneagram, and 15 other classic type results

  • Fully GDPR compliant: read LX's full Privacy Policy

  • Printable personalized PDF delivered to your email.

Personality Product Comparisons

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Life Priority Planner


Printed Book £25 plus P+P

  • Your Life Vision is hard to realize without a Plan

  • Your Plans are not focused without Priorities

  • Step-by-step companion guide to achieving your goals

  • From multi-year vision to week-by-week priorities

  • Inspired and designed by the team that built and ran
    Google's OKRs approach (Objectives & Key Results)

  • Can be used with the LX System or independently

Coming Soon

The Book of Two

  • 110+ customized pages about any relationship

  • Available to people who have got their 'Book of You'

  • Shares unique areas of similarity and difference between any two people who have taken the LX AI Survey

  • Provides thought-starters to build a stronger connection

  • Extra section available for romantic relationships

  • No further survey or questions are needed!

  • In alpha test now - expected to be live in late 2020

Coming Soon
LX Books

Customized for you!

LX Theory

The science behind the magic

LX Approach

Your questions; our answers

LX Services

 For Teams & Leaders

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